Shutter Release hack for the Fuji X100

Take a small screw with a big head, glue a rubber foot on it…¬† voila, Instant shutter release button. The thread size for the screw used was the same ones used for computer hard drives/cases. You can easily make these to fit any camera with a shutter release thread on it!

Free Fujifilm X100 Presets for Darktable

Here is a collection of Darktable presets  created for the X100 when shooting street.  These presets will add depth and definition to your images. They make a great base when editing your photos. Included are 7 presets designed to work with most versions of Darktable. You can download the presets here. x100_presets . To install, unzip the files and use the import function located in the presets tab of Darktable.