• Do you walk the streets and see moments you want to capture, but lack the courage or technical skills to do so?
  • Are you a street photographer struggling creatively?

This is a day long workshop designed for people interested in learning and improving their street photography. We will guide you through the streets as you shoot, edit, and present our own work during this workshop.

A working knowledge of photography as well as a camera and laptop with editing software is required to take this course.


Date: Sat September 29

Time: 11am-6pm

Cost: $150

Workshop Cap: 10 students

Gear: All cameras (including phones)

Location: Milton B Cafe 3498 Parc ave, Montreal QC



11AM – 11:30PM: Meet and greet – Introductions.

11:30AM – 12PM: Lunch break

12PM – 3PM: Street shooting

3PM – 5PM: Editing

5PM – 6PM: Presentation/Critique

Which editing software should I use:WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:

In this action packed day long workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to overcome your fears as a photographer, as well as tips & tricks how to capture unique and interesting moments. We will accompany you side-by-side when shooting street photography, helping you gain your confidence as a photographer as well as give you tips & tricks on what to look for when shooting.

In this workshop we will cover how to:

  • Get close to your subject.
  • Find and capture unique moments.
  • Work the scene.
  • Approach and interact with others on the street.
  • Overcome your fears as a photographer.
  • Select and edit your best photos.


Requirements for this course are as follows:

  • A functioning camera. (all digital formats are accepted including cellphones).
  • A laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux) with a photo editor (Lighroom, Darktable)
  • Comfortable walking shoes.


Which editing software should I use:

For this workshop we recommend you use Lightroom or Darktable although you can use any editing software you are comfortable with.


Which camera do you recommend for street photography:

Any camera that takes photographs will work fine for street photography, Although Fuji and Mirco 4/3ds cameras are recommended for their discreetness on the streets.

What if I cannot attend the workshop, but I would like to attend another workshop:

Please contact me and I can assist you in finding a workshop date best suited for you. as well as discuss special pricing on a private class.


Amin habbal is a Montreal based street photographer and musician. Spending the better part of his time making street photos and relaxing at cafes, he is dedicated to creating some of the most beautiful and organic photos around (his music is pretty good too). His style can be summed up as raw and organic, shooting scenes as they are. He shoots high-contrast black & white as well as color photographs, sharing the day to day in Montreal among other places. Amin Habbal is an avid couchsurfer and is known for hosting various events in the summer including a photo walk where he gives photo tours of Montreal’s famous Plateau/Mile-end neighbourhood. He also runs the photo blog hobotographer.

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